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Hello to all those reading this. I've decided to start a blog!

In these times it's important to get things off your chest and it also gives YOU something to do when you're at home and bored. I hope you enjoy my stream of consciousness that follows 😁

So, here we are, my first ever blog entry. I'd like to give my friend Stacey a shout out for this crazy idea. I have a weird mind so this might be an odd read but I wanted to share some things with you. My music journey, how I'm getting on with things and probably some random life stories.

"Let's start at the very beginning... a very good place to start"... as Julie Andrews likes to sing.

I am a songwriter. I've been playing music since... well.. forever but I started learning the violin and piano when I was in primary school and then taught myself how to play the guitar when I was 11 and essentially sung at every show there was, inside of school and out.

I also dabbled in some musical theatre for a good while (dare I say it), love myself a bit of Les Misérables, Sound of Music, Grease - what can I say. I performed at my local theatre in Welwyn Garden City a number of times and even managed to get myself into the 25th anniversary of Les Mis at the O2 (although you can't see me and I just sang the final song at the end but we'll pretend it was much cooler than that). My name is even on the credits 👀

Anyway I thought a little background preview was a good way to start a blog. Now you know a little history (in case you don't know me) and if you do, sorry you have to hear it again. 😁

Whilst I'm also on the topic of my background... apparently this is today's blog theme... I don't really know what I'm doing, I'm just writing and hoping for the best if you couldn't tell!

A very big part of my life growing up has been traditional English folk music/festivals. I'm talking traditional. Go ahead and look up Angry Fiddler by Skerryvore or Wrong Foot Forward by Flook. Fiddles, flutes, melodians and all that. I love it.

My parents have been going to festivals for years, way before me or my brother were born but they've taken us every single year since (apart from 2020 sadly). It's where a lot of my folk roots come from I suppose and taught me how to have a good time from day dot. It's probably a bit odd for any onlookers, there are Morris Dancers and everything - maybe it explains my own weirdness and odd character, I'm sure any other folkie would agree with me on this one.

I go to folk festivals less now because, as it does, life gets in the way and other priorities have come up - mainly drinking... I mean studying... for my Masters... well and cuddling my two beautiful kitty cats. But yeah if you wanna know more about folk festivals, let me know, why not try something new? It’s a good laugh and we do lots of singing and dancing!

I can't wait for quarantine to be over (we all do of course). If I'm being honest I've stopped looking at the news, I have stopped putting expectations and hopes on when the government will announce lockdown is over. This has turned out to be a good thing. I've been setting myself all these challenges and stuff to keep me busy which I will save for another blog entry because I can already tell this is getting long... typical me... always having way too much to say. I think this is my queue to stop now or it'll be an essay before we know it.

Hopefully you've enjoyed the mini summary of my upbringing. In fact... I would love to know yours! Comment below or send me a message on here or on Instagram or Facebook (@troiparkerroth) or email - whichever floats your boat. (

Look forward to oversharing with you next time.... Enjoy your life 💚

Troi 💜xoxo

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