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"Bluebells is about those rare times in life when things seem to magically fall into place and you feel like you can do anything!" - TROI

TROI - Breathing Melodies (Official Music Video)

TROI - Breathing Melodies (Official Music Video)

There are moments in life when the weight of expectation causes pressure that overwhelms us so much that anxiety creeps into our lungs and we crumble due to stress that we often put upon ourselves. When we are alone and fall apart in this way, music is there to catch us. Stream: Subscribe for more content from TROI: See more videos from TROI here: FOLLOW TROI Website:​ Instagram:​ Facebook:​ Spotify: Soundcloud:​ Twitter:​ TikTok:​ LYRICS: Verse 1: There’s an elephant On my shoulders On my chest I can’t breath I put so much pressure On my self To do better Whilst helping everyone else Verse 2: I’m finding it hard to Stay above water I feel like I’m at the bottom of the list My lungs are Filled with water No one can hear me Coz I can’t speak Chorus: Melodies help me breathe Melodies help me breathe Verse 3: Writing Music Makes things better I forget the stress that's Catching up to me Chorus: Melodies help me breathe Melodies help me breathe Melodies help me breathe ABOUT TROI TROI is a free spirited, independent DIY artist from Hertfordshire, UK. Her songwriting takes influence from folk and pop and she is best known for her memorable melodies and relatable lyrics, telling thought provoking stories through metaphor and philosophical contemplation. Determined to keep live music alive, you will always find her on the music circuit and she is constantly finding new and creative ways to promote her own music and releases as a DIY independent musician. © Written, Performed, Created by Troi Parker-Roth Music Produced, Mixed, Mastered by The Write Music
TROI - Recently (Original Song)
TROI - Mother Earth (Original Song)

Rivers of the Mind


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