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About me

Playing live for over 12 years around Hertfordshire, London and the West Midlands, TROI’s musicianship has been born and bred into her from a very young age. Attending folk festivals with her family her whole life, acting on theatre stages, learning the violin and piano in her early years of school before teaching herself the acoustic guitar at age 11, this girl was born a performer and a deep-rooted songwriter.

Inspired by artists such as Taylor Swift, John Martyn, Ben Howard and The Breath, TROI takes her own approach to songwriting telling thought provoking stories through metaphor and philosophical contemplation. Determined to keep live music alive, you will always find her on the music circuit and she is constantly finding new and creative ways to promote her own music and releases as a DIY independent musician

TROI not only finds joy in developing her music, but also loves to develop her own outlook on life, exploring thought and growth in different stages of her life, promoting compassion, gratitude, open-mindedness, authenticity and most of all not shying away from her obsessive love for cats.

For anyone who knows TROI personally, her ambition, drive and passion for music is evident. Continually pushing herself to grow and learn, she gained a first in her degree in Popular Music at Wolverhampton University, going on to attain a distinction in her International Music Marketing masters at Tileyard. This then led to her becoming a Digital Music Marketing Executive for Marjo Music and she is currently working as a Digital Marketing & Social Media Consultant for various businesses & projects. 

In this new year TROI seeks to find even more authenticity within her sound and her ambitions for 2022 are, as usual, vast and will include more exciting releases and events and a Live Acoustic Album that represents the original music she plays at live venues.  So, make sure you stay up to date with her music and journey by following TROI Parker-Roth on Spotify, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. 

To read more about TROI, check out her blog!

"Some tracks are so good that you can't help but hit repeat again and again"
"TROI PARKER-ROTH with her R&B influenced acoustic set. Really good voice, nice guitar work, and a dose of soul." 

HOT VOX, music management, promotion and production company

The Horn, St Albans

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