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About me

Born a performer and deep-rooted folk songwriter, TROI carefully weaves open guitar tunings, grounding imagery and philosophical undertones into her lyrics; healing and inspiring people through her music.


After recording her 12 track album ‘Rivers of the Mind’ in 2022, the free-spirited musician has blossomed significantly in the UK, selling out her launch party and over 100 copies of her CD+MP3’s, supporting The Drystones on tour and interviewing on numerous UK radio stations.


A review from The K. Michael Weaver Collective Ltd exclaims “If TROI Parker-Roth is not playing at major music festivals next year, as - ‘the bright, beautiful, sophisticated & fresh new woman of folk-music’ - I will eat my hat!”


Inspired by the folk festivals she attended with her family since birth, as well as by her teen idol Taylor Swift, TROI begun teaching herself the acoustic guitar at age 11, developing her own unique sound after falling in love with musicians John Martyn, The Breath and Laura Marling.


Today the free spirited singer songwriter channels her deep and profound sense of self into her lyrics, exploring philosophical thoughts, personal growth through different stages of her life as well as world contemplations. Themes of nature are a common way for TROI to express her intense experiences of the world.


Determined to keep a strong sense of fulfillment, enjoyment and creativity as an independent artist, TROI sells her album exclusively online or at her shows.

Her vision prioritises deep authentic and meaningful connection, focusing on live performance that wraps her music in fresh excitement and unique value.


Keep up to date with TROI’s upcoming releases, world travels and her next album ‘Where The Wild Things Grow’ by following her journey + music on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube @troiparkerrothmusic .

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