Troi is a young singer/songwriter from Welwyn Garden City currently studying a Masters in Music Marketing at the heart of London. Whilst singing all her life, Troi also learnt the violin and piano from a young age before teaching herself the guitar where her music career really began to flourish.

Inspired by a range of music, Troi’s main passions come from a mixture of folk and pop performed melodically and acoustically. Her use of fingerpicking guitar accompanied by a soft r&b influenced vocal gives an edge to her music, creating her own unique sound. Along with performing and producing her own songs, Troi attends regular gig's where she performs a wide range of covers from a variety of genres and eras. 

Troi has had the pleasure of performing at reputable music venues in London, such as 26 Leake Street, Waterloo as well as the popular Jam House in Birmingham and continues to perform at numerous venues up and down the UK. In the past, she has performed at the Mayor of Welwyn Garden City's house to raise money for charity and one of her biggest childhood achievements was with RARE productions, performing in the 25th Anniversary production of Les Miserables at the London O2 Arena.  Much of her early influence was from folk festivals, where she performed from a young age. This has given Troi years of experience in live performances which can be seen in her current gigs. 


Throughout her life, Troi is continuously writing songs about her own and other people's feelings, experiences or thoughts that are relatable to so many. Her song 'Parma Violets' for example, expresses the hard times of missing someone. 'Dreamcatcher' on the other hand is about the Homeless, showing her wider intelligence and outlook when writing. This outlook is portrayed beautifully through her first EP, which is now available on all music platforms (detailed information behind each song are included with the phycal copy). Currently, she's performing up and down the UK after completing her Popular Music degree with a First Class, BA(hons).  She plans to continue gigging along with writing personalised songs for major events in people's lives. 

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