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K.Michael Weaver Collective. Ltd

'Right from the opening phrases of her guitar chords & her beautiful crystal voice, this album pulls you in – it pulled me very close to somewhere deep inside of myself. Troi's guitar stokes & her stunning voice pin your heart & head somewhere special, deep inside: to the fondest of memories; to days in the sun filled with time & reflection; to moments of love & fun & tragic circumstance as well. All of these & more. She is so very young but has the words that a Joni Mitchell & the chords that a John Martyn would I am sure recognize as very special indeed. The album is paced with such style, care & attention to detail. There is so much space for a listener to inhabit within these pieces for themselves: to remember that moment in…..when this happened or when that was done; when this was anticipated & matched; when that or this was regretted & learned from for future reference.

This is poetry in song, laced in gold & silver & lace itself. Every song has such a force inside of itself, around itself, an identity all its own. It made my heart turn & my head bang with excitement. I went out into the world after listening to it & the world seemed brighter, cleaner, clearer & with much to offer. Thank you, Troi.

I wish you every success & so look forward to more from you as your life moves forward into different spaces & encounters".

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