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Things are happening!

Hello to all those reading this. It's me... blogging again :)

In these times it's important to get things off your chest and it also gives YOU something to do when you're at home and bored. I hope you enjoy my stream of consciousness that follows 😁

So it’s been a hectic few weeks, starting my new job, pubs re-opening etc… actually it’s been a hectic year but at the same time it’s a relief to tell you (also a relief for me) that after the long haul of lockdowns, I’ve been up to some exciting things and even more exciting things are coming, so let’s delve right in.

Spoiler - I have another new single coming out in May! I recorded a music video for it a few weeks ago with these absolutely amazing guys Yossi and Alex. They were so professional and made me feel so at ease and had so many awesome ideas.

We recorded some scenes in my kitchen with lots of cool home lights and candles. Part of the video was festival themed to represent all the folk festivals I’ve been to growing up. I decided to wear this purple tassel dress hoping the sun would shine; it didn’t so if I look freezing cold in any of the shots you know why?! 😅

We shot a lot of scenes in 2 different woods from different angles and I brought soo many props from home into the woods with us: dream catchers, fairy lights, pillows candles and even my carpet! I can’t wait for you all to see it!

I will post teaser clips leading up the single release and then drop the video a week or so after so keep your eyes peeled!

Also last Sunday I recorded my Listening Party with Hot Vox. Hot Vox are a Music Management, Promotion and Production Company and before Covid they would help artists get gigs around London venues. However, because they aren’t able to do that right now, they are recording a professional video and sound recording of a live performance instead for chosen artists and then airing it live on their website.

They also record a short interview and do a mini photo shoot to help with promotion. I really respect what Hot Vox is doing right now because it is difficult and sad that I’m not able to play live and this is a lovely little opportunity for me as an alternative. There were 3 guys working there - cameras, audio guy and an admin/bit of everything guy, again they were all super lovely and did a great job of making me feel welcome and comfortable. They said I had the opportunity to restart if I messed up but I decided to just go through it all as at a live gig I wouldn’t ever start again, so it just felt natural to just flow with any mistakes that I made.

It was really exciting actually to do this set because I laid out my set list very specifically and did some things I have never done before. One of which is using 2 guitars! Now that I've finally brought my dream guitar 😍 (a Taylor GS Mini - Koa, for anyone interested) I am able to tune both guitars in separate tunings, one in standard tuning and one in DADGAD, so that I don’t have to re-tune my guitar up and down throughout the set. It meant I could play my songs in whichever order I wanted and it was awesome.

Hot Vox have also created a fun page of 'exclusive rewards' leading up to the Listening Party. You can have a look through them here but I thought I would tell you a few from the list, because some of them are quite fun. Probably one of the most extreme choices on the list is to 'Dye my hair any colour of the rainbow - your choice!', I also have the option to play a 'Truth or Drink Game with me'! You could choose to 'hear my unreleased single', or for me to 'paint/sketch a portrait of you or whatever you request', 'dedicating a song of your choice to you at my next gig'... and SO many more! Feel free to have a browse and if you're up for it, chose a reward and support me and my music at the same time! 😀

The other surprises I will keep as a surprises as I would love you all to join me and watch my Live Listening Party at 8:00pm on the 25th April. I won’t have seen it before this date either so I’m just as excited as you to watch/listen! Make sure to let me know what you think if you do decide to tune in 💜

And my final exciting news is! I have dates for my first LIVE GIG’s back after a whole torturous year of no live music - I’M BACK BABY! AND SOOOO EXCITED!! The first little gig back is on the 26th May at The Mermaid in St Albans between 6-9pm with Change The World Through Music (a music page I set up to raise awareness for environmental issues) which will be held in partnership with Sustainability Festival (Susfest) and Greenpeace 🌿and I will also be playing a short set of covers on the 29th May at The Bull, a pub in Broxbourne at 3:30pm.

Then on the 5th June, I’m performing my first official ticketed live gig back in London, playing all my new original songs written over lockdown and some other favs, with lots of new exciting things that I have never been able to do before. I will be putting my performance skills to the test! So if you are free, don’t miss this gig! I know it will be insane and I’m so excited. You can find tickets on my website, they’re only £9 PLUS you get out of your house (after a year of being in lockdown) and come and see real live music with a fantastic atmosphere and some drinks, laughter and fun!

Anyway that is my update on what I’ve been up to and some things to come! I hope you can make it to one of them if not all, and as for blogging....

Look forward to oversharing with you next time.... Enjoy your life 💚

Troi 💜 xoxo

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